Pet-Techs Solvent Compound

No Soap   No Steam   No Shampoo   No Detergent   No Enzymes

The word GUARANTEED doesn't mean a thing! It is irresponsible to use a blanket guarantee! RESULTS ARE WHAT COUNTS! Most often we get 100% of a typical pet stain out - - EVEN, EXTREME damage, down to the backing. Here we can lift the carpet - clean treat and seal the backing or address the problem throughout the face by extraction down to the pad using a mixture of air and our solvent compound for complete removal of the pet damage.

Some types of damage are permanent:

Varnish and Furniture Bleeding

Traditional cleaners over-wet your carpet, driving pet stains down into the carpet and backing. Our solvent is applied to the fiber, lifting pet stains odor up and out with scrubbing, and the evaporation process.

A better way... Pet-Techs Chemical Reversing & Micro Bonding Technique uses Dry Agent & Acrylic.
Conventional carpet cleaning can only worsen and spread pet damage deeper into carpets.
Organic micro organism and odors live and breed on:

  1. No Light
  2. No Circulation
  3. High Temperatures
  4. Water

When home owners use their steam cleaning machines, pour on discount store chemicals or hire a "cleaning only expert!" You create the perfect conditions in your carpet and backing for the odors and pet damage to spread and multiply. Pet damage restoration requires more than cleaning alone can do.

Pet-Techs Chemical Reversing & Micro Bonding Technique uses commercial grade chemistry and technology. Also, its uniqueness is found in its bonding application and evaporation process.

Pet-Techs Chemical solvent compound will evaporate quickly & completely, not creating under carpet & pad moisture. The Pet-Techs chemical contains a Bonding Formula, Sealing our Chemical in carpets, fabrics, walls, floors, concrete, tile, wood, anything porous.

Sealing Out Oxygen & Starving The Odor And Micro Organism
Without Oxygen the odors will die.

A solvent absorbs better. Deeper penetration and acrylic bonding provides complete coverage. So we can:

  1. Reach the odor
  2. Kill the Odor
  3. Evaporate it up and out.
  4. Seal & starve the odor

Pet-Techs chemical compounds are pure and residue free:

  1. Stronger than soap
  2. Lighter weight than soap
  3. Quicker than soap
  4. Dryer than soap and water

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