Pet-Techs Solvent Compound

No Soap   No Steam   No Shampoo   No Detergent   No Enzymes

Pet stains and odors are organic -- you cannot steam clean them out like dirt or soil. Enzymes and other spotting products have too much water or moisture in them.

Never pour a product on the stain or odor source. When you pour or dump the product on a stain it drags it down to the backing of the carpet, not the padding, the backing . That's where the micro-organisms (odor) breed -- under your carpet. This causes the organic stain to be pushed under your carpet and given perfect breeding conditions; no light, no circulation, and a lot of moisture! This will cause the stain to keep "reappearing". Actually, there are no such thing as "reappearing stains". If you clean it right the first time it disappears!

Pet-Techs uses solvents only. Solvents evaporate, so there is no moisture problem. The product is sprayed on, rather than poured on, so the stain is not dragged deeper into the carpet backing.

Pet-Techs Solvent Compound

Pet stain solvent compound

What Pet-Techs Solvent Compound does not do is spread, like other products, that push the stain down into the carpet backing creating a breeding ground for future odor problems and reappearing stains.

A solvent compound evaporates quickly, bringing the pet stain up and out, not down and in, like detergent.

You won't create the conditions that micro-organisms thrive on (no light, no circulation, moisture and heat), like other carpet cleaners do.

Again, it's what you don't do that counts!

Extraction Tool

Pet stain extraction tool

After misting on the Solvent Compound, you can use the Extraction Tool to remove pet stains and odor from deep within carpets, area rugs, furniture, upholstery, couches, bedding, carpet backing and padding.

The tool fits a vacuum cleaner attachment wand.

To remove odor from carpet backing/padding, spray the back thoroughly and extract infected areas.

It works great on couch cushions with foam rubber inserts, where cat odors go deep!

Stop Pet! Counter-Reactant

Pet odor prevention product

Apply Stop Pet! to problem areas of carpet to prevent animals from returning and marking their territories again.

Stop Pet! also dehydrates around windows by counter-reacting moisture, sunlight and heat.

Preventing these environmental conditions will help to prevent future odor problems.


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