Dear Customer,

Changing the way things are done makes better sense; carpet cleaning companies rarely innovate, they repeat the same old bad habits with predictable results. Detergent never really does enough; over compensating by using too much soaks your carpets. When they finish it looks good, but soon disappointment sets in, 3 days later, the results show. Pet Techs reversing concentrate is designed to reach the difficult problems. After cleaning our surfactant leaves little moisture, no build up, no reappearing stain or odor.

How does it work?

Pet Techs concentrate requires little water it’s concentrated so it’s much more effective and doesn’t get diluted like detergent. Detergents require a lot of water for removing residual soap. Our reversing concentrate, natural surfactant leaves no residuals and dry’s in 25-50 minutes so that your results will not change and are permanent.

100% Satisfaction Policy

You’ll love your results or – don’t pay.
You’ll keep loving your results for more than 30 days or well make you happy and you won’t pay a penny extra.

Reverse difficult problems

  1. Heavy traffic areas and matted carpet.
  2. Black edge filtration along stairs, hallways, base boards.
  3. Door jam and entry way black ground in dirt.
  4. Pet stains & strong odor.
  5. Bad cleaning products, soap build-up and residue.
  6. Re-appearing stain problems and old stains.
  7. Pet hair and pet body oil odor.

No last minute add on fees, no hidden charges. Dishonest practices are illegal! Pet Techs will not tolerate poor work habits, showing up late, low quality standards, soaking carpets, charging more than your agreed price.

Let’s make you the customer—happy, by working to fit your budget.

Your hallways, closets, and bathrooms are always included, No charge.

A customer smart business means being easy to work with – Just ask!

Customers are the reason for success.

I’m proud of earning 27,000 customers in over 22 years of business since 1992. I have a provisional patent and registered pet techs as a legal trademark in December of 1997. Fact; personal relationships, commitments and simple agreements are the only way to secure happy customers for long-term business success.  Gaining your trust is my first concern. It must never be compromised or taken for granted.

Yours truly,

Tony Strohmeier

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